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The Two Worst-Case Scenarios of Inventory Obsolescence

Posted by Dylan Jones

6/25/15 10:08 AM

The problem of obsolescence is one frequently encountered when dealing with surplus inventory, which will often accumulate into millions of dollars. All asset-intensive organizations, even those with a highly mature inventory management process will face the issue of obsolescence. 

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Topics: Surplus inventory, obsolete inventory

Multi-Location Inventory Optimization

Posted by SiewMun Ha

6/11/15 2:49 PM

Many asset-intensive organizations stock Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) inventory at multiple locations to cater to geographically-distributed demand. Where there are common items used at the different locations, it is advantageous for them to share this common inventory for greater efficiency. In doing so, they set up a network of interacting nodes that can be optimized to obtain additional inventory savings. Achieving these savings, however, requires a network-centric analysis to optimize the stocking decisions at each of the nodes, such that the global inventory in the network as a whole is optimal with respect to defined management objectives. Such an analysis is significantly more complex than that for a stand-alone location because the analysis must consider the interactions between the nodes, the stochastic nature of MRO inventory demand and supply as well as practical operational constraints.

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Optimal Inventory Management for an Asset Retirement Event

Posted by SiewMun Ha

5/19/15 10:47 AM

A discrete step reduction in future demand occurs in MRO inventory optimization when an asset is taken off line permanently. This might happen, for example, at a utility or oil and gas company when a plant is decommissioned, or maybe a mining company when a mine is shut down. What is the optimal way to manage MRO spares and inventory in such a scenario?

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The 12 Best Practices of MRO Inventory Optimization

Posted by Andy HIll

5/12/15 2:32 PM

What is the current status of your MRO inventory levels? If you’re holding too much, it’s going to be a major drag on your bottom line. Too little and you’ll suffer from poor service levels and excessive downtime.

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Overcoming Cultural Resistance to Analytics

Posted by SiewMun Ha

4/14/15 11:55 AM

The application of analytics to gain a competitive advantage is an established trend in today’s business world. In fact, a growing number of asset-intensive organizations are applying analytics to optimize their MRO inventory and other activities across the inbound supply chain.

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Topics: Overcoming Cultural Resistance To Analytics

Smarter onshore and offshore warehouse management for upstream Oil & Gas operations

Posted by Steve Pak

11/18/14 2:22 PM

industry-oil-and-gasRationalize maintenance inventories with analytics

For upstream oil and gas companies, success depends on timely and error free delivery of materials through a very complex and high value supply chain. A failure or even the shortest delay anywhere along this chain can immediately ripple into a significant loss. Materials management and spare parts provisioning present unique challenges.

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Delivering value means valuing both the measurable and the intangible

Posted by Oniqua

9/29/14 3:02 PM

Measurable value keeps us focused and on track; intangible value helps drive continuous improvement

For centuries philosophers have pondered questions of why and how we humans place value on the people, ideas and objects in the world around us. There’s even a specific category to question value: Axiology. The Oxford Dictionary defines value as the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. Classical economists define the value of an object or condition as the amount of discomfort or labor saved through the consumption or use of the object or condition.

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Topics: inventory optimization, Continuous improvement, Customer Success

Power to the people: Analytics for everyone

Posted by Carlos Fairgray

8/27/14 1:10 PM

Power to the people! Analytics for everyone!

Seven ways today’s analytics prepare your business for future success

Anybody can sit down and analyze data to derive actions for business change. The challenge is, do you have the time, are you analytically inclined, can you effectively turn the sea of data into insightful information? Do you have sufficient industry experience and domain knowledge? How do you know the appropriate actions to create the desired outcome? Can you deliver on the scale and volume required to make a difference for your organization?

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A journey of business transformation

Posted by Mike Capps

7/16/14 4:46 PM

Oniqua’s Road to the Cloud

Everywhere you turn, it seems like service providers and software companies are talking about “the cloud”. Despite some early over-hyping, cloud platforms have really matured in the last couple of years and are delivering truly amazing benefits. That’s why more and more CIOs, IT managers and business users of technology now embrace cloud computing and SaaS as key components of an integrated IT business strategy. 

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Topics: Cloud MRO, cloud computing, cloud enterprise, SaaS

Boost RCM and PM effectiveness

Posted by Lindsay Clarke

6/17/14 11:26 AM


Optimize reliability centered maintenance (RCM) and preventive maintenance (PM) initiatives with analytics

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Topics: inventory optimization, optimize RCM, Continuous improvement, optimize PM

What is Intelligent MRO?

The smartest way to optimize MRO spares and materials

Intelligent MRO is about using advanced analytics and best practices to:

  • Minimize cost, waste and risk
  • Maximize service levels and asset performance
  • Improve resource and process efficiencies
  • Drive bottom line results

Get the latest perspective from maintenance, repair and operations professionals in oil and gas, electric utilities, mining and other asset intensive industries right here.

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