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Posted by Lindsay Clarke

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6/17/14 11:26 AM

Big wheels keep on turning - optimize reliability centered maintenance (RCM) and preventive maintenance (PM) with analytics


Optimize reliability centered maintenance (RCM) and preventive maintenance (PM) initiatives with analytics

For asset intensive enterprises, effective maintenance management enables the ability to boost reliability and safety, deliver service levels, maximize efficiency and meet business goals. And maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) functions are under enormous pressure to cuts costs to the bone withour sacrificing performance.

The fact is, moderate improvements in maintenance performance can have a significant financial impact. Implementing best practices into your maintenance processes and culture makes your MRO operations more effective today, and helps ensure tomorrow’s success.

At its core, a cost-effective maintenance strategy addresses the dominant causes of equipment failure. It’s a systematic approach to defining a routine maintenance program composed of cost-effective tasks that preserve important functions. By focusing actions and standardizing processes, companies can quickly drive out waste, maximize time and eliminate non-value activities.

MRO analytics make it easier for you to maximize reliability centered maintenance (RCM) and preventive maintenance (PM) initiatives. Applying analytics in these two areas can produce positive returns very quickly. Optimizing RCM and PM enhances equipment uptime and reliability, improves resource productivity and helps reduce MRO costs.

With analytics, you can easily:

  • Optimize maintenance frequency; match plans to appropriate failures; define costs, durations, and variances.
  • Target plans that require skills development or procedural standardization
  • Evaluate predictive maintenance (PdM) plans or condition-based maintenance (CBM) plans for specific asset,
  • Pinpoint assets that would be better maintained with predictive maintenance (PdM) plans or condition-based maintenance (CBM) plans.

Analytics help you visualize exactly how effective and efficient your maintenance activities are, benchmarked against best-in-class. With the improved visibility into maintenance performance and effectiveness analytics provide, your maintenance team can  focus on activities that drive continuous improvement in your RCM and PM programs. MRO analytics allow you to standardize RCM and PM plans across your operations, for better results.

In a dynamic environment of increased competition, tougher regulations and ongoing demands to sustain profitability, analytics provide a valuable tool to balance corporate objectives and your primary MRO goals of reliability, cost management, safety and compliance.



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What is Intelligent MRO?

The smartest way to optimize MRO spares and materials

Intelligent MRO is about using advanced analytics and best practices to:

  • Minimize cost, waste and risk
  • Maximize service levels and asset performance
  • Improve resource and process efficiencies
  • Drive bottom line results

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