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Workgroup Motivators for MRO Inventory Optimization – Part 2

Posted by Matt Haunold

8/24/15 10:25 AM

Previously I spoke about what motivates stakeholders around the MRO Inventory Optimization process.  This time I want to look at how we can appeal to motivators of the stakeholders.

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Workgroup Motivators for MRO Inventory Optimization – Part 1

Posted by Matt Haunold

8/3/15 2:25 PM

To gain the best possible outcomes when undertaking Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) inventory optimization, a business-wide buy-in of the process is essential. From finance to maintenance, a team approach will increase the business’s ability to gain maximum benefits.

Rightsizing of the inventory has always shown an ability, despite initial misconceptions from workgroups external to MRO supply chains, to achieve desirable outcomes of diverse stakeholders. In order to gain buy-in from these workgroups, it’s important to understand what might motivate them to be part of the MRO Inventory Optimization process in the first place. Here are several motivating factors:

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