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Carlos Fairgray is Oniqua’s Executive Vice President, Technology and Innovation. Fairgray manages all aspects of product development for Oniqua, specializing in the management and delivery of product design and development in asset intensive industries using offline analytical processes, enterprise analytics and business intelligence. With over 16 years of product development experience, his career encompasses software development, consulting, and executive leadership.
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DevOps = less waste, happier customers, better products

Posted by Carlos Fairgray

11/24/15 2:08 PM


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Topics: DevOps

Power to the people: Analytics for everyone

Posted by Carlos Fairgray

8/27/14 1:10 PM

Power to the people! Analytics for everyone!

Seven ways today’s analytics prepare your business for future success

Anybody can sit down and analyze data to derive actions for business change. The challenge is, do you have the time, are you analytically inclined, can you effectively turn the sea of data into insightful information? Do you have sufficient industry experience and domain knowledge? How do you know the appropriate actions to create the desired outcome? Can you deliver on the scale and volume required to make a difference for your organization?

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Topics: Analytics for everyone

What is Intelligent MRO?

The smartest way to optimize MRO spares and materials

Intelligent MRO is about using advanced analytics and best practices to:

  • Minimize cost, waste and risk
  • Maximize service levels and asset performance
  • Improve resource and process efficiencies
  • Drive bottom line results

Get the latest perspective from maintenance, repair and operations professionals in oil and gas, electric utilities, mining and other asset intensive industries right here.

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