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Andy Hill is Oniqua’s CEO and co-founder. Since beginning his career with Rolls-Royce Aerospace in the United Kingdom, and later establishing an Australia-based consulting business specializing in the optimization of maintenance spares inventory, Andy has conducted extensive research and simulation regarding the types of statistical profiles exhibited by maintenance and production-driven inventories. This real-world experience has informed the development of Oniqua’s inventory optimization tool, Oniqua Analytics Solution (OAS) and the company's Intelligent MRO approach. Andy has helped asset intensive organizations in Australia, Asia, South Africa, Latin America and North America reduce costs and drive bottom line results by optimizing their MRO operations to drive asset performance.
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The 12 Best Practices of MRO Inventory Optimization

Posted by Andy HIll

5/12/15 2:32 PM

What is the current status of your MRO inventory levels? If you’re holding too much, it’s going to be a major drag on your bottom line. Too little and you’ll suffer from poor service levels and excessive downtime.

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What is Intelligent MRO?

The smartest way to optimize MRO spares and materials

Intelligent MRO is about using advanced analytics and best practices to:

  • Minimize cost, waste and risk
  • Maximize service levels and asset performance
  • Improve resource and process efficiencies
  • Drive bottom line results

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